Polarity Therapy: from cynic to


Beyond pain relief: recognition of the broad benefits of Polarity Therapy
"A Polarity Therapy session is a very personal, indulgent and thoroughly relaxing time where the ever-present worries and strains of everyday life are forgotten in a haze of physical contentment. 

I was a bad back sufferer which would lay me low for a month or so at a time every 6 months. Nothing prescribed by the Doctor helped.  Since starting Polarity Therapy, I have not had a relapse of back pain. I also have a more positive attitude along with various exercises that enable me to stop the aches and pains we pick up as we grow older!  This not just a physical process but it is equally, and in some case more crucially, a psychological healing system. 

I was a cynic as I walked into Kerry's treatment room and left a convert.  Over the last couple of months I have learned to put my trust in her hands which was probably the most difficult hurdle for myself.  This has been wholly down to the professionalism and obvious thorough knowledge of the body that Kerry constantly demonstrates throughout any treatment session!"  Gavin, Business Partner, Argyll

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