Polarity and Osteoarthritis

  My knees move without pain!

I feel that I would like  to let you know, for the record, how my treatment programme is progressing.  Initially, Yota began my remedial course with acupuncture.  As my knees had been deteriorating in strength and flexibility over the last thirty years due to osteo arthritis, I considered that I would have to wait for months for the pain to subside and any benefits to be noticed. However, to my relief and delight, I was from the very first visit able to move and articulate the knees without pain. This continued with four weekly subsequent visits with other benefits accruing, such as my sleep pattern improved and generally a better standard of health.

   Yota then suggested a combination of acupuncture and polarity treatment - very successful.  Now I have graduated to monthly visits!

  In time you wished to try polarity without acupuncture - a revelation in your strength and my continued improvement.

  The changes in treatment were always appropriate and of benefit to me accordingly - I would undoubtedly have had my knees replaced if you hadn't been recommended to me and I now express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for all Yota's hard  work and perseverance with my treatment.


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