Polarity and a sprained ankle

  Polarity really must be experienced to be believed.   The best way I can describe the effect of a Polarity treatment is that it opens doors you didn't know were closed.

  I was feeling a bit out of sorts, not feeling that anything specific needed sorting, but I was not quite right.  I had a single treatment with Andrew and the first thing I noticed was it was just so relaxing, I mean really relaxing.  The bodywork was amazing, every time Andrew placed his hands on specific parts of my body I could feel the connection between the two points and the energy flowing between them.  The sensation of heat was quite something too.

  The bodywork session took about 40 minutes and was extremely relaxing and pleasant, only afterwards was I aware that it had had beneficial effects on physical problems I have had for some time.  I have played football for a number of seasons now and last year I badly sprained my right ankle and it has been stiff  and painful ever since.  Once off the treatment couch I became aware that my ankle was no longer sore and the stiffness had gone and it still feels nice and loose and free now.

  When Andrew asked me if I could put into words my experience I found at first it was very difficult to explain it.  Sure I was impressed, but what was it that made it so significant and so different from any other treatment I had experienced.  All I can say is it really needs to be experienced and it had the effect of opening doors that I didn't know were closed.  I had been living with a weak and stiff ankle and had sort of accepted that that was now how things were, not any more.  It seems anything could be possible with Polarity therapy.  Things seem to shift and  that's all there is to it. 

Alice from Bath

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