Polarity and Panic attacks

H suffered from panic attacks after a car accident and hadn't been able to work for 2 months. She wasn't sleeping very well and had no energy.
I treated her with Polarity and she is back at work.H is a 45 year old woman with three grown up children. She had an operationon her neck in 1988 and had a lump taken out. She had to have another operation soon after to sort out the discs and they fused the bones of her neck. She suffers from IBS and has a stressful job which she loves. She had a car crash two months before and her confidence had crashed and she was having panic attacks and palpitations. Her energy was very low and she slept badly. She had to take beta blockers to enable her to drive and function. She had also had some recent close family bereavements. Her parents had separated when she was three and her mother moved them back to Belfast to live.
She came with a stiff neck to start off with and she had lower back pain. I did some structural work on her with specific work on the neck. She felt brighter and had no back pain and the neck felt free. She was sleeping better and her energy had improved. She was also seeing a counsellor while receiving treatment from me. She statrted getting palpitations and having panic attacks more frequently and for no apparent reason. She had some stressful weeks with her family and felt restless and anxious. I gave her breathing exercises to do to help the anxiety. After about 6 treatments where I worked on her autonomic nervous system and her diaphragm, breathing and chest she started to feel better and was doing more. She was up and down emotionally for the next few sessions and a lot of emotional stuff and fears started to show themselves. We spent much time talking about her life and problems. She felt she was not in control and was going crazy. She had  a problem swallowing, felt like she was being choked and kept getting very emotional. We used several visualisation techniques to try and understand what was happening with her.
Then she started getting memories of her childhood in Belfast, of  the Troubles over there. She talked about all the things that had happened to her as a small child, things that she had suppresed. She was very emotional and very angry. After talking for some time I did some body work on her and was just balancing the body when she started to shake. She said it felt like it was travelling up her body into her throat. Then she started laughing uncontrollably for about 15 minutes. She felt exhausted after treatment.
The next time she came which was only a week later, she had returned to work and was busy catching up with everythingin the house. Her energy was bursting out of her. She said she felt like her old self but different  - more integrated.
I am still seeing her on a regular basis but she is so much better it is almost unbelievable.

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