Polarity Therapy and Chronic

flu type virus.

J had a flu type virus and after three months was still very weak, with no energy.  After being treated with Polarity she has bounced back to health.J had had a really nasty virus in November. She had suffered temporary paralysis down her left side with it. She came to see me the beginning of March. A mum with two young children she had to rely on them and her husband to do everything as she had no energy at all. Just getting out of bed and down the stairs wore her out. Her brain didn't work (her words), her words got muddled. She had dark smudges under her eyes. Slept a lot but was always exhausted. She also suffered from chest pains but an ECG through the doctor had  shown up no problems.  Her main problem now was a complete lack of energy.  She sleeps 12 hours a night but can't get out of bed  and wakes up tired. I gave her a breathing exercise to do which would help her sleep more deeply. The bodywork was kept to 30 minutes maximum as  any more tended to wipe her out for several days.
I worked gently on her fire energy for several sessions, building it up. She used the breathing exercises and started to sleep better, waking up feeling more refreshed. She started t be able to do a few things in the home, but I insisted that she rested up for and hour every afternoon and did it without feeling guilty or thinking of things that needed doing. I wanted her to rest before she started to feel shattered which meant that all the energy had been used up. I suggested that she do her breathing exercises while resting.  I saw her on a weekly basis, keeping the bodywork to 30 minutes maximum, but spent more time talking to her and trying to get her thoughts to be more positive. We also talked about the need to say "No" when people asked her to do things for them, not to overwork herself when she was better. By May she was driving again, working two days a week, and learning to listen to her body. She was , in her words, doing lots. The immune system was still a bit low and she picked up colds too often. We worked on her diet and built up her immune system and she was very good at working with me. 
She is now back at work properly and running around with  high energy, but also now listens to her body and rests when she feels the need. I still see her on a two monthly basis jsut to keep her topped up.

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