Polarity Therapy and headaches

Chronic headaches had been troubling G for 2 years. She had a fusion of C2,3,4  15 years ago.

G was  a 38 year old woman who suffered from headaches for 2 years. Had the headaches very frequently and rarely went  more than 3 days without one. She also suffered from asthma and was on ventolin and seratide inhalers. She was also taking anitdepressents and had been for a year. She had had a car accident 15 years ago  and had a fusion of  C2,3 and 4. This hadn't worked and the next year she had a bone fusion with bone taken from her leg. She had had another car accident the day before she came to see me, although not too serious. When she came she was getting pins and needles in her hands, had a really bad headahce and was feeling tired. She was also a little bit emotioanl over the car accident. I treated her neck and shoulder blades with a gentle bodywork session.  After the first treatment she had a really bad headache and her shoulders were still very tight. The pins and needles had gone. I worked on her neck and shoulders again and after that treatment she had been 6 days wthout headache and although still stiff the shoulders had eased considerably.
I worked again on her neck and shoulders and she went for three weeks without a headache but developed a very chesty cough.  Worked on chest as well as shoulders and suggested steam inhalations for the cough. After her last treatment G was fine, no headaches and the shoulders were free. The cough had eased too.


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