Polarity Therapy and menstrual

cycle migraines

R, a young girl of 10, started having migraines every month mid cycle. Now she has no migraines.R, was a young girl of 10  when she started coming to me. She had started her periods at the age of 9 and had a migraine, mid cycle, every month, although the first time she came it was a stiff neck that made her mother bring her to me.  It was only when we were talking that the mother mentioned that she was  having migraines. After a little bit of probing it became apparent that these were happening on a monthly basis but more mid cycle than with menstruation. She was also getting what she called "little headaches" several times a day - these lasted anything from 2 - 15 minutes. She was getting pains in her eyes too. Her periods were heavy and ver y painful.
I worked on her neck to release the muscles and saw her on a weekly basis. I also worked on her hormonal system  and after a month the migraines stopped. She was still getting the little headaches though.  The periods were getting less heavy and the pain became more manageable. She started feeling nauseous and dizzy around menstruation time.
The eye pains and little headaches proved to be a bit more stubborn but started working on her digestive system and these started to lessen. Persuaded her to try giving up chocolate and this had a wonderful effect. Then we cut out dairy and now the eye pains and little headaches have disappeared.  Still see her on a two monthly  basis just t keep an eye on her.

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