Polarity Therapy and depression

Depression stopped C from being able to work for over 10 years. Now, after Polarity she is working again.

C was a 41 year old woman who came suffering from depression. She had been unable to hold down a job for over 10 years. She was a single mother whose children were teenagers. She had no self confidence and her self esteem was very low. She had very low energy and no motivation or get up and go. She was taking prozac and Ibuprofen. She also suffered a lot with back pain. She had a very analytical mind and thought everything through to the point that she never did anything. Her brain always active and she was very negative about everything. Over the next six months we worked on getting her to think more positively, to readdress negative thought patterns. I spent much time listening to her, supporting her emotionally and used bodywork to balance the energies. This gave her the confidence to start up her own small business with a friend and then  she took on voluntary work with a charity that helped depressives. After a few months she started taking on paid work with the charity. This was a big step forward for her as she had to give up the financial help from state benefits and be responsible for making ends meet. She dipped a little in this time, but with help and understanding  she is now working.  I still see her on a monthly basis to give the support that she feels that she still needs, but she is doing really well.

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