Polarity and a sore shoulder

F couldn't lift his arm above the shoulder without a great deal of pain.F came to me with a painful shoulder. To lift his arm above his head was too painful and he found it hard to move arm across chest or behind his back too. On the first treatment I worked on his shoulders and his shoulder joint. After the treatment he had more movement and the the pain had lessened. When he came for the second one he told  me that it had been good for a couple of days and then it came back jut as bad as it had been before. I decided to do a structural balance on him and got him to stand on the footboard so that I could check his posture. He had quite a twist in his back with the pelvis being out too. I did the structural balance. When he came for the next treatment I asked him how we was and he said "It's like magic, look" and lifted his arm above his head. He had a little bit of discomfort still but the pain had gone and he had full movement back. I did some more work on him and sent him on his way.

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