Polarity therapy and sciatica

Doubled over with sciatica when he came in, he walked out upright.F was a young dad who developed sciatica. He had had it for about 4 days when he came to see me and had been off work for all of that time. When he came in he was doubled over and couldn't put his foot on the ground. He was taking painkillers and anitinflammatory drugs from his doctor. The pain was going down his right leg to the knee and below that he had pins and needles.
I worked first to release the psoas muscle and then to release the muscles in his buttocks as it is often these muscles that squeeze the sciatic nerve and make it painful. He walked out standing up straight and putting his foot on the floor, although he still had some discomfort.
I saw him again just a few days later. He said that all the pain had gone but that he had pins and needles down the leg and into the calf muscle.
I worked again on the same muscles, releasing them fully and also moved the energy down his leg. After that he was fine and went back to work.

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