Polarity lowers stress

Feeling tired and low, unable to work, S found Polarity  helped her a  lot.S was 45 years old when she came to me. She worked as a teacher but had been off work for 4 weeks with stress. She was sleeping bady, waking at 3 am most days. She was on antidepressants, was very emotional and couldn't cope with life. She felt it was an accumulation of things that had brought on the stress. Work related and home related - her husband was under threat of redundancy. She worried quite a lot about what was going to happen.
I gave her some breathing exercises which altered her sleeping pattern enabling her to sleep more deeply and wake up feeling more refreshed.
The first treatment I worked on her water energy and grounding her. I saw her again two weeks later and she was feeling fairly good although she had had a panic attack a few days before.
I then worked on her umbilical energy and did a chakra balance. Two weeks later she was feeling much more positive. She was sleeping better and found she had more energy in the daytime. Over the next three treatments I worked on her diaphragm and her fire and sympathetic nervous system. She was then getting ready to go back to work in the new term. She was quite excited about it and full of ideas of what she was going to do.
She went back to work and although a little nervous she was fine. Her school had organised some counselling for her which she was having. She had started running again and was coping with her life.

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