Polarity and backpain

G hurt his lower back carrying bags at an awkward angle . Two treatments and he was fine.

G, 43 and an archaeologist, hurt his back carrying a 8kg bag under scaffold on site. He felt a twinge when it happened and then later his back  locked up and he was in a lot of pain. The pain was more on his right side than his left. It hurt him to move and was very uncomfortable even when being still.
The first treatment I worked to loosen the tight muscles in his back and to ease the acute pain. I worked on the psoas, piriformis and perineal muscles which releases all the lower back muscles. When he came back for his second treatment his back was feeling very stiff and ached a little. He said his neck had been stiff too after the first treatment and he had a soreness in his lower chest.
In the second treatment I did a structural balance. On the footboard his body was rotating to the left with a lot of lower thoracic and lumbar tension.
After the structural balance all symptoms had disappeared.

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