Polarity Therapy - the journey

from loss to love.

A poem that represents the therapeutic process in a new light, a poetic light.  Informed by his experience as a Registered Polarity Practitioner Andrew Harry has captured the essence and the feeling of the issues and dilemmas facing Client's as they find their way back to wholeness.  This poem engages both the rational and intuitive in equal measure, as such seeks to enable the reader to experience the balance inherent in the process and to touch the very heart of the matter.  To ignite a new relationship with your soul.

Do you want to change the way you feel now?
Not in some hazy, distant moment.
Do you think you don’t know how?
Is somebody else somehow responsible for this,
or is the solution waiting, hidden in you?

What if you stopped going out and instead went more fully in?
Will the echoes of your wounds continue to chill your soul,
or could they quietly, gently start to sing another tune?

Some help at the convergence of your effort
assists the free flow of energy
and provides a breakthrough,
it brings clarity.
Connections appear,
From this ancient opportunity
you are free to simply create a choice.

Find the courage to know what is your truth
and end your literal reliance on another’s view.
With compassion choose your path ,
to exercise your power,
through action
and expression
in each moment.

This process repeats
and you begin to recognise your true nature
…that you might just be amazing!
and see that in others too.

You are transformed and able,
to choose to transform more.
On an endless polar cycle tending to the light,
revolving and evolving,
grounded and certain, it is your right.

So surprise yourself in your ability to be more fully you.
As if for the first time wholeness begins to appear.
it becomes clear
it has been and is always
here and now,
above and below,
within and without.

Until, there is no longer
any lingering trace of doubt.

As your take your first, final faltering steps on your road to becoming whole.
You need not only assume that the road is arduous and long.
But entertain the thought that you might just be delightfully wrong!

With patience and attention notice your rigid, inner shadow start to move.
You are manifesting wholeness through the embodiment of love.
First descending then ascending, know that love is here to stay.
It cannot go away.
Though fleeting,
it is kindled and remains eternal.
Embrace it.
There is no need to chase it.
For it is impatiently chasing you.

From loss to love.
It is your choice!

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