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This article was written by Bean Sawyer as a response to her encounters with Polarity Therapy.  In many ways it could be viewed as a testimonial, but lends itself to being published alongside other articles that seek to provide another aspect of the Polarity Principle.  It is reproduced here by kind permission of the author herself.

Polarity Clarity


What does being balanced mean to you? Living a harmonious life & being content with where you are right NOW, or opening yourself up to the concept that you have the power to influence your future.

Naturally where there is positive thought, there is also a negative. “I feel really good about…”, “ But I hope it’s not too…”

It’s as if we are playing with the idea of the polar opposite, to discern which thought resonates best with our intentions. This is a process that we all do subconsciously and naturally leading us to a point of clarity and ultimately to a balanced and harmonious state.

Understanding this internal polarity is the key to allow you to transcend to a higher vibrational state of being. Once both polar equals have been recognized and accepted then you will find the neutral space in-between, thus experiencing the point of balance and harmony.

Remaining neutral, open to both polar possibilities, this ‘polar equal’ state of being, gives us a fresh insight and clarity of the ‘Self’. 
When we can simultaneously realize or accept a positive thought or feeling, and a negative thought or feeling without a preference for either possibility this leaves us open to transformation and a new experience of ‘Self’.

This mechanism or tool is the gateway to new and abundant creativity and expression.

Polarity is the key to unlock all levels of consciousness, allowing us to connect or move ever towards the source via the resonance of our internal positive and negative poles. So, emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually we can work with our internal polar opposites to connect with our higher state of being. This ‘intelligent’ state of being recognizes when a polarity equilibrium has been established, allowing the energy to flow again.

This is ultimately an empowerment process in its most natural form. The more we become conscious, the more aware we are in our lives, then the more ‘fluid’ we will become within ourselves and within the relationships we have around us. Recognizing the duality of your internal poles through issues that present themselves in your life and consciously allowing them to become fluid or flexible, gives you a greater awareness of your Self.
This affects the ways in which you relate not only in your relationships, but also how you connect with the world around you. If you can understand that this polar quality exists in EVERYTHING and on all levels of consciousness, your relationship with the universe will become balanced and harmonious.

by Bean Sawyer

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