Well well!

  I used to visit a very wise old man, he was an iridologist and herbalist and his name was Ivor Perry.  I had been on a long journey with him and he had helped me find the thread of what I was looking for.  I had been ill for many years and he was hugely influential in providing a safe space for me to unravel my own dis-ease.  He once asked me what I wanted and my response was "...to help others....to be a therapist...".  He then asked "what's stopping you Andrew?".  I mumbled something like I didn't feel ready or that I wasn't fully trained, or something non-committal and his response surprised me and woke me up, he said "If you wait until you are perfectly ready, will you ever start?".  I realised then the truth in his words and resolved there and then to follow my own lead and act. 

  This poem is my attempt to describe the journey in becoming a Polarity Practitioner.  I hope it can present in a slightly different way the emergence of a new path for you too, of progress to something deep and special.  So if you are thinking of  becoming a practitioner or therapist I hope this can help you sense it is possible.  Thanks Ivor.

Well well what a day,
what is it you say?
“I couldn’t possibly,
definitely not!”
these chains are released
and out they trot.

What to do with them
when they reveal
the opportunity to heal.

Take hold of them
and turn them around,
but initially they sound
clumsy out of sync.
stop and drink
them in until
they begin to sing another tune.

Follow the thread
where ever it leads
to new expressions,
unseen needs.

Gradually you begin to feel
the opposite could well be real.
What then, you ask as you start to flow,
what do you want?
Only you can know.

Only you can know
what it is you want to say or do,
so express yourself and take a step along a brave new road.

Cast aside imposed ideals,
forged by others you have held in positions of misplaced authority.
They cannot feel what you can feel,
neither know what it is you need.

Trust yourself you are unique
and the universe relies on the dreams you seed.
Seed those dreams and nurture well,
release yourself from the bonds that hold.
Don’t doubt, be certain. 
Be bold.

Hold your attention on what you choose,
what it is you want to feel.
Feel it then again and again and again and again,
as doubts retreat.
Be certain.

Know what it is you need,
you feel,
you want,
you have,
you are.

Then take stock
and know you have travelled far.

To the growing edge of the Universe and back.
To share what you have learned.
To coax cajole another soul,
to know they won’t get burned.

When they leave the surface of their moon
and plunge into the depths of their sun.


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