The Principle of Polarity leads

to a Balanced View and Great

Freedom results

Points of view dominate our conscious lives, they limit us in our relationship with the world as we experience it.  Candice O'Denver has fashioned a simple language that balances our "points of view" with our "view". According to Candice "Short moments of awareness, repeated many times become continuous", the effect is an opening, a growing experience of our own open intelligence and the transformative impact this can have on our life.  The discipline once again exactly matches the principle of Polarity in that  through repeated practise, through repeated choices, it balances opposite poles - the "view", often neglected, with "point of view" that frequently dominates our attention- the result when balance is achieved, when subject and object are experienced as one, when neither one nor the other dominates, is a direct experience of our own open intelligence, a new flow of once stagnant intelligent energy, a unity. 

A beautiful complement to Polarity Therapy.  A simple and powerful system, reliant on the simple and natural principle of polarity.

view or point of view? awareness present?      

the next step?'s your choice!

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