About Polarity Therapy

In a treatment session, a trained Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) might incorporate any of the following aspects, which will enable us to take full responsibility for our wellbeing -


a Polarity Therapy treatment session The Polarity Therapist uses a series of subtle and/or deep qualities of touch, which allows your energy system to seek balance through facilitating previously unconscious 'tissue memory' to surface.

Awareness/Process Skills

a Polarity Therapy treatment session

A Polarity Therapist will allow your own inherent 'knowing' to emerge in its own time by building a secure therapeutic relationship. This increased awareness, together with the release of unconscious tissue memory, enables us to realise our own potential.

Health Building and/or Cleansing Diets and Procedures

Polarity Therapy health building and diet

These can be used to help detoxify the system. This in turn will free up any life-giving energy which is blocked or 'held'. Each person is assessed individually, as no one procedure is correct for everyone.

Polarity Yoga

Polarity Yoga

These exercises not only release stagnation, but also allow you to continue and maintain your own healing process.

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